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Control Transformers

Control transformers are used to reduce the voltage to power the control device of a circuit or machine.The reduced voltage provides safer functioning of the machine as a result it is advantageous for technicians. Heating and ventilating systems and other machines can also utilize reduced voltage for the thermostats, powers, relays, and contactors.

Control transformers are an efficient and cost-effective method to supply low voltage to recreational lighting, light-duty industrial areas, pools, and Spa applications for general purposes including a circuit of A.C. that relay low voltage circuit control. Control transformers supply energy to control and auxiliary devices which is not planned for direct connection to the main circuit.

Control Transformers Ahmedabad

Our transformers are designed as per the international standard and are the perfect control transformer for your industry and size and cost are also considered. These control transformers are used in various industrial applications as per requirement to either increase or decrease the voltages before transmitting the electrical energy. Our offered solutions are most popular and ideal for any type of industrial requirements.

We offer these transformers in a variety of choices to meet various industrial applications. Control transformers can be located near the load. No vaults and no long and expensive feeder lines are required for installation. Control transformer applications include inductive and resistive loads such as lighting, motors, and heating.

Control Transformers Manufacturer

We are the leading control transformers manufacturer in Gujarat, India. Each transformer undergoes complete electrical testing before it is counted as a finished product and is tested again before the final delivery to the customer. Comprehensive production examination and concrete packaging make sure our customers always receive first-quality control transformers. Before selecting the ideal control transformers for your industry, you must consider various features regarding the load circuit, minimum voltage required, and power required operating the machines. The benefit of utilizing a control transformer is its ability to transmit stable voltage and handle severe current elevations. The ideal control transformer can supply safer and more efficient energy and is used for high-voltage applications. These transformers are apt for handling current inflow competently with the use of reduced voltages in a circuit that provides the workers using stop and start buttons in a dangerous situation for safety measures.

Control Transformer Application

  • Apartments
  • Audio Video Equipment
  • Aviation applications
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Motor Drives and Controls
  • Robotics
  • Cranes
  • Control Panel
  • Electronic Equipment Controller
  • Heavy Industries
  • Schools
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Induction Heating and Melting
  • Industrial Plants
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Machine Tools
  • Marine and Medical Applications
  • Mining Equipment and Power Supplies

Top Control Transformers Supplier and Exporter

We are renowned as the best Control Transformers Supplier in Gujarat, India as all our products are delivered to various states in the country. We offer these control transformers in India with various sizes and specifications to meet the specific requirements of diverse industries. Our control transformers are well-designed and fabricated to match the highest industrial quality standards, which makes sure long- lasting performance and reliability. Thus, these reasons make us provide the highest-quality Control Transformers in Ahmedabad. Along with Gujarat, we are also the leading control transformer suppliers in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, and many other cities and states ensuring to provide the best quality transformers to each customer.

We are the chief control transformers exporters based in Gujarat, India. We assure you that all our products will give maximum fulfillment to a wide range of your industrial requirements. Along with that, we also provide round-the-clock consumer support. We have been in the industry for many years and are the best destination for all your requirements related to control transformers, AC/DC chokes, and many allied products. So, hurry up and get a free quote today and the best solution for your transformer's requirement. We guarantee you that your investment is in a safe place because we bring the finest and rich quality transformers at market-leading prices.

Different Types of Transformers and Chokes: :

  • A C Drive Line Choke
  • Amorphous Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Dry Type Transformer
  • Electric Control Transformer
  • Electric Furnace Transformer
  • Environment Friendly Transformer
  • Heat treatment transformer
  • Industrial Transformer
  • Inverter Transformer
  • Line Communicating Chokes
  • Line Reactor
  • MVA Transformer
  • Power Transformer
  • Single Phase Control Transformer
  • Solar Transformer
  • Three Phase Control Transformer
  • 1.5 MVA Transformer
  • 10 MVA Transformer
  • 2 MVA Transformer
  • 2.5 MVA Transformer
  • 3.15 MVA Transformer
  • 5 MVA Transformer
  • 8 MVA Transformer

Single Phase Control Transformer Manufacturer in India

We are the most reliable Single Phase Control Transformer Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India; providing robust and high-quality single phase control transformer to meet your every business requirements. Single phase control transformers consist of two or more coils to transmit electrical power operating in a changing magnetic place.

One of the major reasons for employing alternating AC/DC voltages and power in residence applications and workplaces is that AC resources can be developed at an appropriate voltage, transmitted into much more elevated voltages, and then dispersed almost all over the nation using a nationwide grid of cables and pylons over extremely extended distances.

Our clients can avail of these highly-efficient control transformers. The range of our offered 1-phase control transformer finds its application in nearly all the major industries because of their long-lasting operating life. We provide all these single phase control transformers in India to our esteemed clients within a prescribed timeline at industry-leading prices.

Specification of Single Phase Control Transformer:

Brand Meem Transformer
No Of Phase Single
VA 50 VA To 5 KVA ( As Per Customer Requirement )
Primary Voltage As Per Customer Requirement ( 110 V, 220 V, 240 V, 380 V , 415 V, 690 V )
Secondary Voltage As Per Customer Requirement ( 110 V, 220 V, 240 V, 380 V , 415 V, 690 V )
Class Of Insulation A or E or B or F or H or C ( select Any One )
Tappings As Per Customer Requirement
Termination As Per Customer Requirement
Business Type Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter
Features Cost-effective and Highly durable

Most Specialized Three Phase Control Transformer Manufacturer in India

We are the leading three phase control transformer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India.

A three phase control transformer is a three-legged iron body. Each leg of this transformer includes a unique essential and additional winding. Most energy scatters within the formation of three-phase AC. fundamentally the power generator unit creates energy by rotating three coils or windings through an engaging specialization inside the generator. 3-phase transformers could be a standard method of electric control transmission.

It could be a framework employed to manage machines and numerous allied gadgets. These frameworks may or may not have neutral wires. These neutral wires in the control transformer allow the 3 phase structure to employ a better voltage while maintaining a lower voltage with single-phase machines. Three-phase control transformers are the backbone of electrical energy allocation in various fields.

Specification of Three Phase Control Transformer:

Brand Meem Transformer
Taping As Per Customer Requirement
No load Current Less Then 3 Percentage
Full Load Loss As per Customer Requirement
No Of Phase Three
KVA As per Customer Requirement (10 KVA To 1000 KVA
Primary Voltage As Per Customer Requirement ( 110 V, 220 V, 240 V, 380 V , 415 V, 690 V )
Secondry Voltage As Per Customer Requirement ( 110 V, 220 V, 240 V, 380 V , 415 V, 690 V )
Type Air cooled / Oil Cooled / Resin Cast
Encloser Yes / No
Class Of Insulation A or E or B or F or H or C
Vector Groupe As Per Customer Requirement
Business Type Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter
Features Higher efficiency and Requires less space

Why Choose Meem Transformers ?

The stated below are the several reason that helps you to choose our services

  • We always assure you to provide only the best quality and most efficient control transformers.
  • We emphasize our quality standards and strive to meet international quality standards.
  • The entire range of transformers delivered to the customers is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  • We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing in this field.
  • We provide around-the-clock customer support service for our national & international clients.
  • All the control transformers are well-equipped with the latest specialized characteristics.
  • We provide transformer solutions as per the latest market demand and trends.
  • We assure you provide super fast and within the time-line delivery.
  • We have experienced and skilled team.
  • We are also providing a customization facility to manufacture the system as per the customer's specifications.
Control Transformers Manufacturer in india

Superior Quality Control Transformers

We have constant advancement and innovation in control transformers as our business discipline. We have achieved the highest level of quality by holding meetings frequently with all production workers, assertive procedure advancement, and consistent product design examinations. By setting all these practices as a compulsory way of life, we have a contrived understanding of the quality and service of our company throughout the association.

Control Transformers Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a transformer?

A transformer is a stagnant electrical device designed to increase or decrease the electrical force that drives into a piece of electrical devices or machines.

2. What is a control transformer?

A control transformer is an isolation transformer created to reduce the voltage to power the control appliances of a circuit or machine. Control transformers are also recognized as control power transformers and industrial control transformers among people.

3. What is regulation?

Regulation is the shift in voltage output when the gear is decreased from full load to no load with input voltage remaining constant.

4. What is an autotransformer?

An autotransformer has a standard winding for both primary and secondary, unlike an isolation transformer. Autotransformers are also known as single-winding transformers.

5. How many types of transformers are there?

We provide the below-mentioned transformers:

Control transformers

Single-phase transformers

Three-phase transformers

Meem Transformers

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