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In Ahmedabad, India, we are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of superior three-phase control transformers. A three-phase control transformer is a type of transformer used to manage voltage levels in three-phase power systems, particularly for industrial applications. It features three distinct the wires, each with its own primary and secondary coils. Typically, the primary windings are connected to the power supply, while the secondary windings are connected to the load.

The primary windings can be connected in different configurations, such as delta or wye, depending on the voltage and current requirements of the system. The secondary windings, on the other hand, are connected to a control circuit that regulates the voltage level. Three-phase control transformers commonly appear in motor control centers, high-frequency drives, and other manufacturing machinery demanding accurate voltage control. They can be constructed to give step-up or step-down levels of voltage and can be used to insulate control systems from the power supply, increasing safety and preservation of against electrical interference.

At Meem Transformer, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We take pride in our ability to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions that help our customers achieve their goals.

Three Phase Control Transformer in Ahmedabad, India

Looking for a trustworthy three-phase control transformer manufacturer and supplier? Look no further than our firm!

We offer a comprehensive range of three-phase control transformers designed to fulfil the demands of various industrial applications as a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment. Our transformers are engineered to endure the rigours of tough industrial environments and are comprised of high-quality materials. Our three-phase control transformers are available in a number of voltage and current ratings, as well as connection configurations. Our transformers are developed to be simple to install and maintain, as well as to deliver consistent performance over time. We can offer customized options to fulfil specific customer requirements in addition to our standard transformer products. Our skilled engineers and technicians can collaborate closely with clients to design and build transformers that match their specific requirements.

Technical Specification of Single Phase Control Transformer

Here are some technical specifications of a typical three-phase control transformer:

  1. Voltage Rating: A three-phase control transformer's voltage rating is normally between 208 and 600 volts. The actual voltage rating will be determined by the application and the voltage of the power system to which it is connected.
  2. Frequency: The frequency rating of a three-phase control transformer is typically 50 or 60 Hz, depending on the power system it is connected to.
  3. Power Rating: A three-phase control transformer's power rating is normally between 1 kVA and 100 kVA. The precise power rating will be determined by the application and the load to which it is meant to give electricity.
  4. Primary Voltage: The primary voltage of a three-phase control transformer is typically connected to a three-phase power system, with each phase connected to one of the primary windings.
  5. Secondary Voltage: The secondary voltage of a three-phase control transformer is typically connected to the load, such as a control circuit or motor. The voltage level will depend on the specific application and the requirements of the load.
  6. Insulation Class: The insulation class of a three-phase control transformer is typically Class B, F, or H. The insulation class determines the maximum temperature that the transformer can operate at without experiencing insulation failure.
  7. Efficiency: The efficiency of a three-phase control transformer is typically between 95% and 98%. The exact efficiency will depend on the specific design of the transformer and the load that it is supplying power to.
  8. Mounting: Three-phase control transformers can be mounted in a variety of ways, including on a panel, on a bracket, or on a DIN rail.
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