Control Transformer Manufacturer In India

A control transformer is a device employed to change or maybe "step down" a higher key signal voltage to a cheaper voltage that's subsequently employed to function the particular control or maybe moving over aspects of the primary signal. The product are commonly utilised in commercial nice circuits in which the key signal voltage seriously isn't well suited for use in the particular control signal along with when a independent control signal give food to may not what you need. As an example in a nice section designed to commence a 500 volt electrical engine, the particular contactors along with relays employed to move the particular engine with or maybe off would likely typically use electromagnetic coils graded to get a cheaper voltage. To provide this particular voltage with the necessity to get a independent energy give food to, energy is usually stolen off the key incoming 500 volt give food to along with handed by using a control transformer which could subsequently supply the cheaper control signal voltage.
Control Transformer Manufacturer In India
Transformer Manufacturer In India
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Transformer Manufacturer In Ahmedabad
Transformer Exporter In India
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